Who am I? I’m a retired educator who spent forty years in public education working primarily with Deaf Students.  When I moved to Southern California, I held teaching credentials in five different states.  The states were; Illinois, my home state, Michigan, where I attended MSU and earned my B. A. degree, Georgia, where my teaching career began, Florida, where I taught for seventeen years and earned my Masters Degree in Special Education with an emphasis on Deaf Education, and California, where I earned my Administrative Credential and have lived for the past twenty-eight years.

I’ve been married for twenty-seven years to my husband Ken.  We have a daughter, a son-in-law, and a Puggle named Wiley Coyote,  all of whom bring joy to my life and I’ll be writing about them.

Since retirement, I have written  a memoir with hopes of getting it published.  The book takes place in the states listed above, plus in some of the foreign countries I’ve visited.  Friends who know my story have encouraged me to write a book and it has been a quite a learning experience.  I hope you will enjoy reading about it.