After recuperating from the ulcers (to this date, I still have to watch what I eat) and the bandage on my face for the month of April, Ken and I took a few long weekend type trips to visit relatives. I knew they would be the only people who I could stand see me without make-up and wouldn’t feel self-conscious with half of my face bandaged up.
First, we took a trip to Arizona see our 93 year-old uncle and his wife, and then went to San Francisco to see our daughter and her husband. The highlight of our Phoenix vacation was having lots of laughs while playing many different card games at our aunt and uncle’s lovely home. When we went to S.F., we had fun at the Conservatory of Flowers with our daughter, and then later that weekend the four of us saw the play, Beach Blanket Babylon. If you have ever been to San Francisco and never seen that play, you must definitely go. It’s a side-splitting, knee- slapping comedy that pokes fun at everyone in the media. We couldn’t stop laughing. The talent in the show was tremendous. I highly recommend it.
Those trips did as they were supposed to. They took my mind off of all my crazy my health issues, and the experiences made me laugh. My cardiologist had asked me in the hospital, “What in the world are you doing? Collecting more material for your book sequel?”
“No!” I replied emphatically. “There will be no sequel!”