Hooray! I’m starting the new year calling myself an author, though I have to pinch myself to actually believe it.  My memoir, “To Live and Love Again” went on sale with Amazon (paperback as well as Kindle version)  the end of last October. I’ve had nothing but rave reviews and I hope book #2 (a novel which I started over the holidays and yet to be titled) will be just as popular.

“To Live and Love Again” was a surprising hit with almost 200 book sales. I had three book signings last fall and will be having book signing #4 in a few weeks. It will be at the Inland Empire California Writers Club. They meet every fourth Saturday of the month at 10 am at the Ovitt Library in Ontario. So I will be there, on January 23rd, along with other self-published writers in our club, talking about our craft and the road to publishing.

I can honestly say that the best part of writing my book (besides it being cathartic) was when people gave me feedback such as, “I couldn’t put it down!” “I read it in two days!” “What a story!” and “I liked your style of writing.” It made me feel good to know that people enjoyed my writing as well as the story I had to tell.

For those of you who have read my book and not posted a review on Amazon, please do. More positive reviews helps sell books. And if you have not yet read, To Live and Love Again,” all you need to do is type my name or the title in the subject line and it will come up. But for your convenience, here’s the direct link: http://ow.ly/TNPhD

People say “Don’t make New Year’s resolutions. You’ll never keep them.” But this year I’m making one that I hope to keep. And that is to continue writing in my blog. My goal is writing something at least once a week. I’m going to try my hardest not to let book #2 get in my way!