Well, I got the FIRST proof back and believe it or not, there were even more changes to do! As one author put it, “I’ve edited so much, I’m ready to scream!” and that about says it all. I thought this would be the end, but OH…NO…there is yet ONE MORE proof book to look over and make SURE the changes I’ve made are the ones I want and they did it as I said.

So here it is October and there is one more book they are sending me. I thought I’d be further along in this process, but as my writer friends said, you want it to look the best that it can be! After I edit it a last time, it should only be a couple of days until it will be available. So October WILL the month. I just don’t have  a day yet. But I do have a surprise for you. I do have a date for a book signing!

My first book signing will be in Yucaipa, CA in the back room of the Big Boy’s off “the 10” freeway and the Calimesa exit. Times have yet to be determined. My friend and author, Brenda Hill, will be hosting this. There will be food, snacks, and other IE authors there pitching their books. I will be one of them. This event is open to my fans who will like an autographed copy. I know this is far for those of you in the LA area, but I promise I’ll have some later in your area.

The date for the book signing is Saturday, November, 14th. Please come!