The last couple of months have been somewhat uneventful, yet fast-paced compared to last year as far as publishing my book is concerned. This past June I decided to get off the merry-go-round of reading rejection letters traditional publishers sent me. One year was all I was willing to give them—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Yes, some were short and to the point. “We’re not interested” they wrote. Others were downright curt. (“Your memoir sounds interesting, but it doesn’t fit our mold”). Some didn’t bother to answer. It was time to self-publish.

As soon as I contacted a self-publishing company, we were ready, set, and go. Within the first month, my ideas about a cover and an explanation of my story on the back of my book came to fruition. I printed the original cover and showed it to many of my friends. I valued their input when more than one suggested that the title words be put into more eye-catching colors instead of the drab ones that seemed to disappear in the backdrop of the cliff’s shadow. The new, improved, and revised cover came out this past month.

After the long process of re-editing the book last May, I also sent the new and current publisher my eighty-four thousand word count manuscript that first week in June. Within a month, I received my first reply with words slashed through, more than one set of comments per chapter, and a five page letter of recommendations. My manuscript was now down to sixty-one thousand plus words with much of it being edited out—but for the right reasons. I had dwelled too much on insignificant stories and not enough on the important ones, she said. It was sad to dump that many words but it was for the greater good of the book.

When I sent it back corrected, accepting the majority of the editor’s remarks I thought I would be receiving the proof book in the mail any day. Wrong!  I forgot that I had purchased two rounds of editing. So on August 31st, almost three weeks later, I received Edit Number Two. This time the second editor had rave reviews with only two pages of remarks. She was very complementary. All comments were easy fixes, and with time being of the essence, I sent the book back over the holiday weekend.

So, if you are reading this, I am not announcing when To Live and Love Again, will be available. But I promise it will be soon. I’m sorry for the delay. Hope you won’t be sorry after you’ve read it.


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