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Month: March 2015

February and March 2015

It’s been  a whirlwind of a month between February and March. I went on the cruise with my “gal-pals” and had a lovely time in Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel. My eight days of fun, relaxation, and getting to know new friends ended abruptly when I arrived home.

My husband took away all my “thunder” and added more guilt because he fell off a ladder! If you saw his picture on FB and I’m sure most of you did, you could tell it wasn’t a pretty sight. His text of  “I’m coming with a black eye” was an exaggeration in the other direction.  A badly bruised face, a cut on his cheek,  a swollen eye with the white of it all bloodshot and a sore shoulder was how he showed up. He’s still suffering with the latter (no pun intended) and we’re finally getting the MRI tomorrow.

The other sad news is that we had to make an emergency trip to Chicago last week to bury two of Ken’s uncles. The younger one, Uncle Roy, we had been very close to as he was only ten years older than we were. More like an older brother than an uncle to Ken.

“Aunt Judy” watched Wiley while we were gone and will watch him again while we travel to San Francisco. There will be plenty more of fun Wiley stories coming in the future. I’ll just tell her to hide the fruitcake!

Where Did the Summer Go?

I don’t have a good excuse as to why I have not been writing on my blog.  I suppose you could say the summer bug has bit me.  It’s been great being outside, swimming and reading, in between editing my book, and enjoying my usual involvement in club activities, and social engagements.  We also enjoyed a trip to San Francisco and had our relatives from Arizona visit us a few weeks ago.  We leave for our next trip soon which I’ll be talking about when we get back.

We drove up to the Bay Area the end of June to visit our daughter and son-in-law. This would be the first trip we took Wiley Coyote with us.  I’m not sure if it will be our last trip with the dog or not.  He made it quite memorable.   The first night, after an eight hour drive (two hours longer than usual due to an accident), Ken and I were “dog-tired” and thought we’d get a good night sleep.

We called our daughter and said, “Let’s meet only for dinner tonight, sweetheart.  We can visit more tomorrow and the rest of the week. We need to turn-in early.”

After a relaxing dinner at a pet-friendly restaurant, Ken, Wiley, and I drove back to the motel. It was Wiley’s first stay in a motel and he didn’t like  hearing the noises. (It’s very quiet where we live with an occasional howl from coyotes.) Wiley heard every single footstep and voice outside our room. There must have been a party going on down the corridor.  Just after we’d get back to sleep, Wiley would wake us up again by barking at the noises outside.

The next morning I said to Ken, “Google the closest PetSmart.  We need to find a vet who will give us some sleeping pills for Wiley.”

We were lucky there was one close by.  (Thank you, Dina, for encouraging me to get pet insurance!) PetSmart  was able to pull up my chart from hundreds of miles away in Rancho Cucamonga. Amazing! Hooray for technology!

After promising the vet we just wanted the pills as a short term solution for our five-day visit, we were relieved he gave us some. Wiley slept like a baby with an occasional howl and we got sleep the rest of our stay. It was great to see our kids and spend some quality time with them. Even Wiley and their cat, Kenyon, learned to co-exist when we were at their house. (Although Wiley liked to sneak Kenyon’s food when we weren’t looking!)

Wiley’s motto is . . .  “Wiley’s my name, Trouble’s my game!”

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