The last few months I have not put anything on my blog because I was quite busy.  But that’s no excuse. I tend to do better in the new year.  Getting ready for the holidays and then putting all the decorations away did take some time and energy.

In between times, I was  getting my “ducks in a row” to publish my memoir.  By that I mean, in October I purchased the Writers Market 2015 book. It took me awhile to comb through it from front to back. First, it took me several weeks to compose a great query letter with the help of my Critique group. Then I went back to the book, and highlighted potential publishers, made my list and checked it twice. The list included 40 indies who a) accepted memoirs, and b) accepted non-agented authors. I fall into both of those categories, so the indies had to list both. It was a big task in the mist of all the holidays’ festivities, and this year we were invited to more than the usual.

I suppose the latter is why I have not sent off one manuscript so far, nor written on my blog.  I did email a few potential publishers and got some negative responses from their editors who told me that a) I should get an agent as “nobody” important goes to the internet to get book solicitations, or b) they are not accepting memoirs at this time, or c) the memoirs they accept are rare and only of a professional kind. They would never accept  a personal one such as mine.

My lack of sending out manuscripts has more to do with my lack of enthusiasm than my lack of time. Or should I say defeatism before I even start? It’s the old mantra that most beginning authors have at one time or the other. “Who would read my book anyway?” ‘The thought of me letting go and sending out copies of my four years of hard work  to people I don’t know is frightening. But I know I must do it.

My goal if getting all the manuscripts or chapters out to each publisher (and they all want something different!) by the end of 2014 did not happen. Now I’m hoping by Spring.  All I can say now is my “Road Less Traveled” is a scary one.