A month ago, we had a “quick write” at our California Writers Club. It was a prompt using current titles of movies that were out. We were to select a title from several given for our impromptu writing or poem. I decided to try my hand at poetry, which I only write on occasion.  I have not been writing on my blog as I have been busy finishing my memoir, and editing using the suggestions (or not) that my three editors have given me.

Speaking of which, my manuscript was completed last June, but in the process of the feedback from my editors, I still have work to be done. First, I need a new book title. I wasn’t happy with the one I had selected and neither did one of my editors. Second,  I need to write another chapter or epilogue to my book to tie up the loose ends. Third, I had to compose a query letter to pitch my manuscript to would-be publishers in the hopes that one will select mine for their list. So I have been busy with writing, just not blogging.

Anyway, hope you like this poem. Please don’t confuse it with the movie now out. It has nothing to do with it, but perhaps two of the words in the title. Hope you enjoy it!

The Girl is Gone


Gone are the days of innocence

Jumping rope, playing jacks,

Hide and Seek

And all that.


Gone are the days before the first kiss,

A first embrace, a longing look,

A broken heart

And all that.


Gone are the days of education,

School books, studying, for degrees,


And all that.


Gone is the woman who fought for and against causes

The Viet Nam War, Civil Rights

The Deaf

And all that.


Gone is the woman who wrote a book,

Sang her song, danced for life

And all that.